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My name is Malik aka Mr. M I been trading over 9 years started like the most you out there looking for all the free stuff and trying to apply it. I Did that for 5 years getting nowhere. This is when i started to invest in forex education. From there i was able to create my trade setup that i have been using now for over 3 years. I learned in forex the name of the game is low risk high reward. With my setup i created i was able to get into trades with very low risk “small Stops” for very high reward.

When i became a full time trader i had more time on my hands this is when i started to see how social trading within forex was. I saw alot of people out their struggling this when forex earn was born to show you all a better way to trade.

My Philosophy

Trade Smarter, Not Harder

Malik Peckham Professional Trader
To be a good trader, you need to trade with your eyes open, recognize real trends and turns, and not waste time or energy on regrets and wishful thinking. Dr. Alexander Elder, Professional Trader

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Learn A Better Way How To trade as a ForexEarn Member.

Direct Access To MR.M

There is nothing worse then not having access to the person who has created the training content. As a member of our trading organization. You Will have direct access to the mentor for question concerns or even a simple hello anytime.

Live hands on trading sessions

A better way to learn, trading side by side with your mentor and other traders. This is great place to learn real in market situations. To see how a professional trader traders. People pay 1,000’s of dollars to to join live trading rooms we get together weekly to earn and learn together.

Updated Video Training's

We are constantly adding more training videos covering different areas within Forex to ensure you are always growing some could be In-depth training others could be tips and ticks.
They will always add value to your foundation .

​Weekly Updated Chart Templates

Each member will have access to our weekly updated MT4 chart templates. With institutional support and resistance levels marked up on your chart for you. These are key areas on the chart where institutional traders are likely to buy or sell their instrument, take profit, or place their stops around. Keep in mind the institutions are the ones who drive this market. We as retail traders try to piggy back on their moves so having a good idea where the institutional traders well be at puts you a head of the majority retail traders out there.

Easy To Understand Training's

Most Forex training offering's out there our packed with so much information to where you find your self getting lost in. Spending more time studying then trading. Here at Forex Earn all of our training's are clear and straight to the point. So you are able to retain the information and apply sooner then later. We have a lot of members where there 1st language is not English and they liked how clear and to the point our training's are.

Confidence & Discipline

No more second guessing your trades. Our members go though repetitive training to enable them to realize patterns and the obvious. Doing things continuously not only familiarizes them with the market but builds confidence and the discipline need to become a profitable trader.


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Our Facebook Group is an exclusive community. We learn and earn together.

This group is not like other groups filled with people who have no idea what they are doing.

We are all on the same page, as we all trade based off of the Foundation Trade Setup.

The Foundation Trade setup is not a strategy, but more like glasses allowing us to see clearer into the market to truly analyze; short term trend, mid term trend, and long term trend. Once you know the direction of price, it is simple to find the Strong Resistance to sell off of or the Strong Support to buy off of.

The one thing all strategy based trades have in common is you're either buying or selling. When the market is moving down it’s due to resistance, and when the market is moving up it's due to support. The Foundation Trade Setup allows you to find the highest probability support and resistance to play off of.

One of the most powerful tools is our video training series, and updated videos. They will help you build a strong trading foundation.

The Training series consists of 7 short videos under 10 minutes. You will learn how to you use The Foundation Trade Setup, and how to manage risk.

Any one can make pips. Risk management is the key to keeping them.

We get together 4 days out of the week to train and trade together.

Every Sunday we get together for a Q&A and a refresher course. Training repeatedly will familiarise you with the markets and allow you to spot trades faster. As your eyes will be trained over time for what you are looking for. You know you are getting in down when you can analysis a full pair with under 10 mins of time.

Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday starting the second week of every new month we are trading live where you can hop in and trade along side your mentor. This is a great place to see the action and catch the moves with me. This is 1,000 times better then trade alerts. Here is where you will learn so much due to us trading in real time markets. The reason behind the second week of each new month is because the 1st week of the new month is a risk driven market the risk data is very heavy and not a very good trading environment the 1st week of the new month is a good time to rest your capital.

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